Forgetmenot Edelweiss


(Forgetmenot Sobers Di Caprio X Forgetmenot Unforgettable)

D.O.B. April 6, 2017
Breeder: Joanne Boudreault
Owner: Bilal Khan, Whippets of Gentle Mind, Germany


Ronnie has a special story... At day 1 of age, she got under her mom who layed on her and she didn't know Ronnie was there. My spouse at the time Ron found her and she was suffocated and dead, no heartbeat... Ron was an ambulance technician earlier in his career for 15 years so right away he gave her mouth-to-muzzle... a few long seconds later Ronnie came back to life!!! We were both crying!!! So in Ron's honour, I decided to call this special little one "Ronnie"...

We are so proud of having exported our beautiful special Ronnie to the Gentle Mind whippet kennel in Germany. We wish them best of luck in the show ring and the whelping box.

Below: Ronnie at 11 weeks




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