Can.Ch. Sobers Pollyanna (imp Italy)


( Italian Ch. Esedra El Rey X C.I.B, IT CH, DK CH, SE CH, WW-10 Ch. Sobers Ingrid)

D.O.B. June 7 2012
Breeder: Bitte Ahrens Primavera and Pierluigi Primavers, Sobers kennels, Italy
Owner: Joanne Boudreault

Heart & Eyes Clear (2015)

OFA Heart Echo clear & Eyes CERF clear in 2017


Welcome to Canada Polly!!!
We are honoured to welcome the beautifully typey "Sobers Pollyanna" to our home for a few months!! I just felt head over heel in love with her type during my last visit in Italy in May 2015... Thank you a million times to Bitte and Pieri for allowing this to happen!!! Thank you!!!!

Pictured below is Polly at 1 year of age.


Pictured below is Polly's famous mom "Ingrid" and I when I visited the Sobers home in May 2015.

Ingrid is C.I.B, IT CH, DK CH, SE CH, WW-10 Ch. Sobers Ingrid ... BOB (116 whippets) & BIS (1000 Sight hound entries!) Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival 2 Aug 2009! Multiple Group winner. WDS 2010 WORLD WINNER & BOS in Denmark! TOP WHIPPET in ITALY 2010 SBIS & BIS (all Breed) winner. BOB and group 4 at Cruft's 2011




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