Am. Can. Ch. Falconeers Flying Dutchman, C.D.

( Int'l.Dan.Ger.Am.Ch. Beautiful Dreamer du Sac a Malices X Sporting Field's Tresanique )
Breeders: Ms. Lesley A. Potts, Mrs. J.E. Butts & D. Butt Giles
Owners: Joanne Boudreault & L.A. Potts

Painting watercolour done by my mother after Dutch passing.

I bought "Dutch" when I was working in the USA.

I was and I'm still a fan of his great-grand father "Kiwi" (Int'l.Dan.Bel.Swed.Finn.Ch. So Proudly We Hail du Sac a Malices). So when I learned that Lesley Potts (Dutch's breeder) was selling a Kiwi's great-grand son, I bought him without any hesitation!!!

Dutch had the whippet type I always admired!!! He had that kind of body and lines, that elegant strongness that appealed me a lot. Dutch was really a stallion of a dog!!!

Dutch's temperament is my inspiration in breeding whippets. He had a royal aura around him. Even non-doggy people would say "He stands like a prince!". Dutch was the center of attention where ever we would go. His dignity made everybody fall in love with the whippet breed.

I loved him deeply...



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