Forgetmenot Whippets... Breeder of whippets since 1997.

Joanne is pictured above at Forgetmenot's 20th birthday party lovingly organized by Luci and Mike White owners of 2 of our whippets!! We see here Joanne with a representative group of Forgetmenot whippets born from various litters throughout the years. This group of dogs is lovingly cherished by their owners as bed warmers, lure courser champions, therapy dogs, hiking companions, show champions, life companions, etc. On the far right is our beauceron girl "Jaguar" ensuring the pack is in order.. Photo credit: Ron Spilsbury.



Joanne is pictured below in Sweden in 2019, judging the Swedish Whippet Club National Specialty show with a record entry of 200 gorgeous whippets coming from all over Europe and even Israel!! This prestigious judging assignment will be forever remembered. BOB was Multi CH Ailettes Irish Mist Drambuie (left) and BOS was the multi CH Barnesmore Silver Bells (right). Photo credit: Kelly Brandon Chafe.


Forgetmenot whippets are loved and cared for by Joanne Boudreault. I have been involved in all-breed dog shows and whippets for more than 27 years (I had my first whippet in 1990). I had my first litter in 1997.


My main goal breeding whippets is to produce good-natured, social dogs which are as close as possible to the whippet standard. But they must also represent my own vision of the "perfect" type...


I want my show / breeding whippets to have a sound structure (strong but not bulky looking) all around moderate in looks. They must be elegant dogs made out of curves and "S's" top and bottom as they are supposed to be. I try to focus on front fill, shoulder assembly, sweepy rear and body with a deep brisket. The back must be very strong, longer (to allow great extension), powerful with elegant curves.


I want the heads to be small, refined and very typey (like an arabian horse head) with BIG ROUND eyes and strong underjaw. Finally, the icing on the cake, I'm aiming for my whippets to have big powerful effortless movement.


I know this will be a long process of many generations...


Through the years I learned that "Breeding is a matter of selection; selection means time, patience and dedication to your own ideal. "


At Forgetmenot, I keep in mind most of my puppies will be family pet first, so temperament is one of my main priorities when I have to choose a stud dog for my females. I want the temperament to be playfull, confident, versatile, focussed to their owners. They should be able to do all kinds of activities (lure coursing, racing, obedience, agility, flyball and even... tracking!).

All ForgetMeNot whippets are sold CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered, microchipped and with a written health guarantee.



Below: Stephanie is Joanne's passionate little helper ....Maybe Forgetmenot's new generation??


Below: Sonora looking at the cows in the fields surrounding our property.

Below: Mine worker and his whippet, Northern England, early 1900's...


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